Nunavut Journals – Saturday, September 29th, 2018

I woke up this morning to snow. Apparently in Toronto, it’s somewhere around 17 degrees Celsius; here it is snowing!

A beautiful reminder at how different life is in the Nunavut. Just down the hill from the Anglican housing is North Mart where Pastor Manasee and I stop for a quick morning tea at the Tim Horton’s Express. Then I was dropped off at the Visitor’s Centre and spent the morning looking, reading and learning.


Our lunch meeting at Frobisher Inn’s restaurant, run by a charismatic Frenchman, was enlightening. Pastor Manasee and I share a heart for young people and youth, not just of our respective cultures and communities, not even just for Canada, but truly for God’s global kingdom. It’s that paradox of being in a community that seems so far away from the rhythms of “normal” life and yet, being part of God’s global Kingdom and His eternal, without-borders Church. The rest of this afternoon will be spent on preparing the sermon for tomorrow’s evening service. I have a good idea about what message I want to share. God’s people enduring, long-suffering, breaking free—dreams and hopes for the next generation despite current circumstances. The Bible certainly has much to share about that. It’s exciting to talk and pray about such dreams! May God bless the work of our hands to see them come to fruition.


-Rev. Lisa Pak, Regional Director of Ontario and Nunavut for Canadian Bible Society

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