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Crystal’s story | Canadian Bible Society

Crystal’s story

My name is Crystal* and I am currently incarcerated at the *Women’s Correctional Centre. I’m 29 years old and have five beautiful children. I grew up in a world of abuse, drugs, alcohol, and crime. Pain and fear were my only companions, and feeling worthless was a normal emotion for me.

Because this type of lifestyle was the only one I knew, I taught my children some of this as well. My youngest is 5 months old, and my oldest is 8 years old. I had no idea what I was doing to my children. I had heard about God and Jesus but figured it was a fairy-tale used to make people’s lives seem worthwhile. My whole life I had always felt like there was supposed to be more to life than hurt, pain and suffering, but every time I felt an ounce of hope, it was crushed and gone as fast as it had come.

I’ve struggled with addictions of every kind since I was 11 years old. I was always told by doctors of every sort that in order to change, you have to want it for yourself! WRONG!

I tried to change for myself for almost 3 years now, but no matter what I do, or how hard I try… I keep failing!
Finally, right before Christmas, after my son was born, my kids were taken and placed in foster homes for 6 months. I gave up! My addiction to crack/cocaine was just too strong. I had lost everything at this point, and within a month, had gone so far downhill I didn’t even know what month it was anymore. I can honestly say that at that point in my life, I was hoping to die. I got into crimes like never before. I was doing things to feed my addiction that I never thought I would do.

Next thing I know, I ‘m here in jail! I don’t remember much about the first few weeks of me being here, but I know somehow, somewhere in those first few weeks of January, I had The Key to Freedom Bible! There are no words to describe what happened to me and what is still happening within me! Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour decided it was time to heal me… me of all people! When I had nothing left and was broken, when nobody wanted anything to do with me because I was hopeless… the Lord wrapped Himself around me, showed me a love I didn’t even know existed, and then he gave me rest. He brought me to life like never before and blesses me in every way that He can! He’s worked miracles around me, for me, through me, and with me! The only book I read over and over is my Bible… my Key to Freedom. In the last 3 months of my stay here at the jail, I’ve seen women and staff from all walks of life turn to God because of the help from the Key to Freedom Bible.

Someone told me not too long ago that if a person’s Bible was falling apart, it usually meant that their life wasn’t. My Bible isn’t falling apart…yet, but it sure does have some wear and tear! I just wanted to thank all of you who participated in whatever steps necessary to make The Key to Freedom Bible.

The Bible is my life line and to have a Bible made just for me means more than you may possibly know. So, thank you all, God bless you all and may the Lord always give you peace and rest like He has for me.

Oh! I wanted to share with you all that it was when I stumbled upon Psalm 88 that I surrendered myself to the Lord.

Thank you!
(*) some sections were omitted to protect contributor’s privacy

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