Bosco Poon’s Story: Finding life in prison

Bosco Poon was only 12 years old when his family immigrated to Canada. Life was not easy for Bosco.

Due to his small stature, he was constantly bullied in school. It didn’t help that he had a poor grasp of the English language. In high school, Bosco felt a sense of belong when a Chinese gang took him in. This group introduced him to drinking, smoking and drugs.

After high school, Bosco distanced himself from the gang he used to hang out with to pursue his passion for music. He was about to sign a contract with a famous Chinese hip-hop band based in Taiwan when his high school gang contacted him to ask if they could use his parents’ vacant house in Coquitlam. His parents had just purchased a house elsewhere and left their previous home empty. Bosco agreed, not knowing that this favour would land him in prison where he would spend four and a half years.

Prison life was difficult for Bosco, but prison is where he encountered the Lord. Through a prison ministry Bible he received from the Canadian Bible Society, he learned more about God and His promises. “Before, I had that personal relationship with God, the Bible was just a book…” Bosco shared. “I don’t remember when, but one day, I started to believe it. Even though I read those stories that were so irrelevant, it was like, (the Bible) was talking to me personally…speaking life into me.” Through His Word, God gave him hope and new direction for his life.

Released on parole in 2010, Bosco now shares what God has done in his life – especially with the youth. “In the Bible, Joseph was sent to prison, but in the end God had a greater plan for him, for the salvation of many. Through my experience, I believe God can use me to really reach out to this generation,” Bosco says.
In this video, Bosco – known as B.O.Z. (Born of Zion) – shares what prison was like, how he came to faith and what God has done in his life.

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